The Optical Society Presents Meggars Award for 2016 to Brooks Pate

March 8, 2016—CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. —The Optical Society (OSA) announced the 2016 recipients of its prestigious awards and medals. The winner of the William F. Meggars Award is Brooks Pate, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Chemistry at the University of Virginia.

The Meggars Award recognizes outstanding work in spectroscopy. Brooks Pate is being recognized for the invention of the chirped-pulse Fourier transform microwave technique, which revolutionized rotational spectroscopy, leading to an explosion of novel spectroscopic, astrochemical, analytical, dynamical and chemical kinetics applications. It is the key enabling technology that is the foundation of the BrightSpec product portfolio.

This award, endowed by the family of William Meggers, several individuals and a number of optical manufacturers, honors Meggers for his notable contributions to the field of spectroscopy and metrology.