The National Science Foundation awards $250,000 to BrightSpec, Inc.

Charlottesville, VA–August 20, 2018– The most recent award from the  NSF is supplemental support for the project entitled “A Programmable Residual Solvent Analyzer based on Fourier Transform Molecular Rotational Resonance (FT-MRR) Spectroscopy.”   With the amendment, the total NSF award to date for BrightSpec totals $1mm.

About BrightSpec, Inc.

BrightSpec delivers solutions for identification, quantification and structure analysis of complex chemical mixtures for applications in R&D, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food, and advanced manufacturing sectors.  BrightSpec received research funding from the US ARMY and the National Science Foundation, and the Virginia BioHealth Research Corporation. For more information, please contact Justin Neill (CTO) or Bob Lloyd (CEO) at 434-202-2391, or visit