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BrightSpec Broadband for Structure Elucidation and Impurity Analysis

Introduction to Broadband

The BrightSpec Broadband MRR spectrometer is used for structure elucidation and mixture characterization without the need for reference standards or sample purification. Unknown and unexpected components (e.g. impurities) can be detected. The broad bandwidth and high resolution of the spectrometer allows for characterization of all polar compounds in a mixture to be observed in a single, simple measurement. Isomeric impurities including regioisomers, diastereomers, and isotopologues/isotopomers can be distinguished easily on the basis of differences in their three-dimensional structure. With the chiral tagging method, enantiomeric excess and absolute configuration can also be determined on chiral compounds in the mixture.

  • Spectra relate directly to structure
  • High specificity:¬†Easily distinguish between conformers
  • Can analyze complex mixtures, with no need for pure samples
  • Isomer analysis: regioisomers, diasteromers, enantiomers, isotopic isomers