Products – Research and Education

Our Broadband instruments offer incredible power to any researcher tackling challenging structure elucidation challenges. Please see our Broadband page for additional information.

W-Band BrightSpec Discovery – MRR for Advanced Research

BrightSpec Discovery incorporates the same spectroscopic engine as BrightSpec One. The difference is in its form factor, with Discovery employing a modular design for increased experimental flexibility. It operates in identical fashion to the BrightSpec One, but can be combined with and networked to other analytical systems. This thoughtful approach to customization enables fundamental and applied research groups to quickly generate insights on complex processes.

  • Shares the fundamental attributes of BrightSpec One
  • Removable sample chamber
  • Interchangeable excitation source
  • Direct signal access for broadband monitoring and digitization
  • Full integration with Edgar data collection and analysis software suite

K-Band BrightSpec Discovery MRR for Education & Research

The BrightSpec Discovery K-Band (18 -26.5 GHz) spectrometer is designed for both fundamental research and educational applications. The reconfigurable Discovery form factor allows customers to integrate custom sample chambers, including pulsed and CW jet flows, for studies of complexes and transient species. The instrument is operated by a laptop computer, and includes BrightSpec Edgar software for experiment setup, data visualization and processing, and spectral library comparison. The instrument usability, capabilities, and cost make it suitable for incorporation into undergraduate teaching curricula.

  • For academic research and undergraduate teaching laboratories
  • 18 -26.5 GHz frequency coverage
  • Easily reconfigured for different sample chamber designs
  •  Four marker channel outputs for synchronization to external devices
  • Targeted and segmented chirped-pulse acquisition modes
  • Advanced pulse sequences, including double resonance and echoes (in development)
  • Expandable spectral library—for experiment data and simulations
  • Automated composition analysis software for quantitative mixture analysis
  • Standard 110/220 volt power