New Paper on Chiral Analysis of Pantolactone

October 30, 2021. A new paper on the chiral analysis of Pantolactone, “Chiral Analysis of Pantolactone with Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy” just published in Chirality provides a detailed explanation of chiral analysis from method development, to AC/EE determination, and the creation of a routine targeted method.

Since only the (R) stereoisomer of pantothenic acid has desirable biological activity, close control of stereoselectivity during the production process is crucial. The primary advantages of MRR for this application are that it is completely analyte-specific and is capable of determining chiral purity directly within a mixture. Because samples are analyzed without any sample prep, this method often achieves faster response times than typical chiral chromatography analyses, or polarimetry, which is typically employed.