MRR in Journal Chemical Science

BrightSpec congratulates Merck’s Ed Sherer, Leo Joyce, and Danielle Schultz who along with Brooks Pate and Reilly Sonstrom from University of Virginia just published their research in Chemical Science:

“Direct regioisomer analysis of crude reaction mixtures via molecular rotational resonance (MRR) spectroscopy”

The article describes the structure elucidation challenges encountered in early R&D synthesis and then takes two previously published samples and runs them on MRR to compare.  In both cases MRR was in very good agreement with prior findings while some advantages of MRR are apparent: less sample required, simpler/faster process (no separation/purification required), no reference sample needed, and MRR detected and identified impurities not recognized in the original analyses, providing better accuracy and comprehension of the chemical processes. 

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