BrightSpec to present at Chirality 2015—the 27th International Symposium on Chiral Discrimination—in Boston

June 28, 2015—BrightSpec will present three presentations at Chirality 2015 in Boston, MA June 28-July 1.   The two posters and an oral presentation arise out of research sponsored at the University of Virginia in early 2015.  Brooks H. Pate will give a talk entitled Chiral analysis of isopulegol by Fourier transform molecular rotational spectroscopy in the Enantioselective Synthesis and Catalysis program session on Monday, June 29.  Justin Neill, PhD will present posters entitled Chiral analysis of larger molecules by Fourier transform molecular rotational resonance spectroscopy and “Direct chiral analysis of complex mixtures by Fourier transform molecular rotational resonance spectroscopy.”

Each of the presentations center on recent research and development at BrightSpec and at UVa on new approaches to chiral analysis using the Three Wave Mixing technique pioneered at Harvard University.  BrightSpec completed an exclusive license with Harvard to this technique in November 2014.  Dave Patterson, lead inventor of Three Wave Mixing technique, will separately give a talk at Chirality 2015 entitled “Enantiomeric analysis via microwave spectroscopy” on Monday.  The novel approach to chiral analysis was first published in Nature (Patterson, Schnell, Doyle, 2013).

BrightSpec will also be exhibiting at Chirality 2015 and will demonstrate the BrightSpec Edgar™ Spectral Viewer.