BrightSpec to Exhibit At IFPAC 2015

November Dec 4, 2014 – Charlottesville, VA – BrightSpec, Inc. will contribute to the the IFPAC 2015 process analytical technology conference January 25-28 2015. In addition to exhibiting the BrightSpec FT-MRR Residual Solvent Analyzer, the company will present “The direct analysis of volatiles using Fourier transform molecular rotational resonance (FT-MRR) spectroscopy” in the Spectroscopic Technique poster session. The abstract of the poster is below:


The analysis of low molecular weight (< 100 amu) volatiles in mixtures poses interference challenges for gas chromatography (GC). It is generally understood that molecular spectroscopy techniques offer an advantage in simplicity over GC due to the chemical specificity of a spectral fingerprint circumvents the need for chemical separation. However, spectroscopy has conventionally come with a tradeoff in sensitivity or other practical limitations for complex mixtures analysis. Fourier transform molecular rotational resonance (FT-MRR) spectroscopy offers a powerful new alternative for direct PAT spectroscopy. The FT-MRR fingerprint is both an absolute identifier of molecular structure and extremely selective. Isobaric species (same molecular weight), isomers, conformers, and isotopologues all give distinctly different MRR spectra. The technique can be extended as an alternative to GC for genotoxic impurity (GTI) analysis where small (<150 amu) halogenated volatiles are of interest for detection and exhibit strong FT-MRR spectra. The technology platform is also highly adaptable for use as an in-line drying analysis instrument. A given analyte can be detected below 10 ppm in as fast as ten seconds. FT-MRR performance is demonstrated on headspace mixtures with an emphasis on residual solvent analysis. The technique is described and results for detection limits, linearity, and reproducibility are summarized.