BrightSpec teams up with Agilent Technologies’ High-Speed Data Acquisition team to offer Broadband and Targeted MRR spectrometers for trace level gas sensing

March 2, 2014 –

Pittcon Conference & Expo, Chicago, IL

BrightSpec, Inc. today announced that it has teamed with the high-speed data acquisition team of Agilent Technologies Inc. to offer high speed Fourier transform molecular rotational resonance (FT-MRR) spectrometers. Agilent PCIe high-speed digitizers equipped with deep memory and real-time signal accumulation enable the high sensitivity of BrightSpec spectrometers used in manufacturing process control, environmental monitoring and defense applications. BrightSpec FT-MRR spectrometers, available in Broadband, Targeted and Dedicated configurations, rely on the digitization of broadband signals in microsecond time scales. The spectrometers are controlled by a PC equipped with a high-speed digitizer for accumulating 100 microseconds of data at 720 MHz of bandwidth in real-time. Operating at nearly 100% duty cycle, FT-MRR spectrometers are 10,000 times faster than competing techniques.

For trace level analysis of volatile organic compounds, BrightSpec offers a benchtop spectrometer, which determines the composition of gas mixtures from the pure rotational spectrum at millimeter wavelengths. FT-MRR is a high-resolution spectroscopy with absolute recognition capability for direct analysis of complex gas mixtures. The software-controlled instruments are automated and re-programmable. The BrightSpec One FT-MRR broadband product is on display at the BrightSpec booth at the Pittcon 2014 conference.

“The collaboration with Agilent Technologies allows us to offer new FT-MRR technology at a performance level that gives a significant edge over existing techniques for gas sensing”, says Brent Harris, Director of Analytical Services of BrightSpec. “With high-speed real-time digital electronics, BrightSpec is realizing the full potential of a new fundamental way to broadly analyze gas composition at trace levels. Under software control, the instruments are adaptable to a wide range of customer applications,” says Brent.

“It’s key to Agilent’s High-Speed Data Acquisition team to be able to collaborate with companies like BrightSpec that are pushing capabilities of what is possible”, says Didier Lavanchy, operations manager for Agilent’s high-speed digitizers group. “Using our high resolution PCIe card equipped with FPGA-based, deep memory signal accumulation, BrightSpec will be able to offer high dynamic range, high-speed analytical chemistry instruments. We are looking forward to serving the needs of the gas sensing market.”