BrightSpec scientist Alex Mikhonin to present at IFPAC 2020

Bethesda, MD — BrightSpec is pleased to be presenting at IFPAC. This year, Alex Mikhonin will be presenting “MRR: Emerging Technology for Isomer Selective Process Measurements” on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 – 10:45 am in the Brookside B room as part of Session: 9B – IX-B Sampling & Process Sensor Developments to Incorporate PAT and QbD in Process Optimization. We look forward to seeing you there!


Modern PAT tools that are used for online reaction monitoring and control are typically based on optical spectroscopy such as UV-VIS, NIR, FTIR, Raman, and fluorescence. Despite their known advantages, these techniques cannot completely fulfil analytical needs for characterization of chemical reaction mixtures containing isomeric compounds, especially stereoisomers. As a result, slow offline methods must still be utilized, with faster online solutions being still sought after.

The emerging Molecular Rotational Resonance (MRR) technology enables direct online stereoselective and isotope analysis, thus bridging the current analysis gap of conventional spectroscopic techniques. Benefits of MRR include the ability to easily discriminate between all types of isomers including enantiomers and isotopologues/isotopomers, and the ability to perform chiral and achiral analyses in one measurement, with no need for chemometrics or pure reference standards.

Examples demonstrated in this presentation will include online stereoselective reaction monitoring in a continuous pharmaceutical reactor, site-specific deuteration monitoring, as well as quantitative analysis of regioisomer, diastereomer, enantiomer, and isotopic species directly in crude mixtures. As a result of its analytical capabilities and performance metrics, MRR can likely become a valuable tool for developing next-generation PAT-based quality control strategies.