BrightSpec Presents at CPAC Spring Meeting

May 2, 2016—SEATTLE—BrightSpec, the molecular resonance spectroscopy company, presented today at the 2016 CPAC spring meeting in Seattle, WA.  The talk was given by Brent Harris, PhD entitled: “High-resolution FT-MRR Spectroscopy (Fourier Transform Molecular Rotational Resonance) Trace residual impurities analysis without chromatography.”  Brent is Director of Applications Services at BrightSpec and is a co-inventor on patents related to the Fourier-transform molecular rotational resonance technique, which was originally developed and reduced to practice in the University of Virginia Department of Chemistry lab of Brooks Pate.  Linda Kidder, PhD, BrightSpec Director of Marketing, also attended the conference, which continues through May 3.

CPAC, established at the University of Washington in 1984, is a consortium of Industrial, National Laboratory and Government Agency Sponsors addressing multidisciplinary challenges in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Process Control through fundamental and directed academic research. More information is available at // .

BrightSpec patented FT-MRR instruments deliver solutions for direct, quantitative chemical mixture analysis for applications in R&D, small molecule drug discovery and process development, fine chemicals, food, and advanced manufacturing sectors. For more information, contact Linda Kidder at 434-202-2391, or visit