BrightSpec hosts Webinar “Unveiling Sesquiterpenes: Characterizing Isomers with MRR”

May 18, 2022 Today BrightSpec’s Reilly Sonstrom, Ph.D presented the webinar “Unveiling Sesquiterpenes: Characterizing Isomers with MRR.” The replay is available by clicking the link.

Sesquiterpenes have a vast array of real-world applications that include pharmaceuticals, essential oils, flavors & fragrances, and crop protection. The beneficial characteristics of sesquiterpenes arise from the unique 3-dimensional structure of the molecules which typically includes one or more chiral centers making the characterization of all stereoisomers an important question when analyzing these compounds. Though structurally similar, stereoisomers can have different characteristics including therapeutic benefits and odor. The increasing demand, and expense, for natural sesquiterpenes, have generated interest in the biosynthetic production of sesquiterpenes. However, this path can lead to adulteration. Additionally, though drawing inspiration from nature, biosynthetic methods sometimes make isomers that are not observed in nature that are important to characterize. MRR can characterize the stereoisomers of sesquiterpenes without the need for reference samples. The high spectral resolution of MRR enables analysis in complex mixtures, such as essential oils, without the need for chromatographic separation. Listen to the replay to learn more, or contact us.