BrightSpec Hosts Residual Solvents Webinar

April 6, 2022 BrightSpec hosted a webinar on Residuals Analysis. A replay is available free of charge.

“Residuals Analysis: Bridging the industrial gaps with headspace-MRR for quantitation and ID” introduces MRR for rapid development of residual solvents methods and detection. MRR can be particularly useful in development settings, where getting answers quickly, without extensive method development, is critical. MRR’s rapid measurement time can also enable better monitoring of manufacturing processes where near real-time feedback has significant economic impact, as well as faster QAQC.

A fast and simple method for the analysis of residuals (pharmaceutical solvents, VOCs, impurities) is desired across a wide range of industries which includes pharmaceutical, chemical, cannabis, environmental, food, and many others. This webinar details the use of molecular rotational resonance (MRR) spectroscopy with a headspace sampling system to unambiguously detect and quantify several GC-unfriendly solvents without any derivatization. Headspace-MRR can be readily applied for the analysis of these solvents directly in pharmaceutical substances and other matrices. As MRR analysis is rapid and direct, its implementation can likely not only bridge analytical gaps of conventional techniques but also result in a significant productivity increase even for volatiles that can be routinely analyzed by other methods.