BrightSpec FT-MRR Spectrometer Ships to US Army

December 15, 2016—CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.—BrightSpec announced today the shipment of a 75-110 GHz FT-MRR Discovery spectrometer to a US Army facility. The BrightSpec Fourier Transform-Molecular Rotational Resonance (FT-MRR) Broadband Discovery spectrometer is designed for research teams that require a high level of instrument form factor configurability, sample chamber interoperability, cross-technique analysis, and direct access to broadband signal monitoring capabilities.  The Broadband Discovery configuration—with applications ranging from small molecule drug development, combustion research, astrochemistry, and national security—demonstrates the BrightSpec commitment to meeting the need for fast, high resolution, digital spectroscopy.

BrightSpec is the first to offer commercially available millimeter wave instruments for trace level chemical analysis, which precludes the need for traditional chromatography stages. The Broadband Discovery complements the existing BrightSpec benchtop instruments for commercial applications in pharmaceutical, chemicals and specialty gases. BrightSpec spectrometers can be used with a range of interfaces for vapor phase analysis from gas, liquid or solid samples.  The Discovery spectrometer also enables scientists and researchers to directly measure fundamental phenomena in chemical structure and reaction dynamics.

Bob Lloyd, BrightSpec CEO notes that “The most recent product shipment reflects the strong research support we receive from the US Army to develop commercial products based on millimeter wave sources and detectors. As well, the Army has been a critical partner in building the BrightSpec Spectral library, which now stands at over 200 compounds, measured across a range of frequencies.  We look forward to further addressing the research needs of the US Army and our core commercial market segments in pharma and advanced chemical manufacturing.”

About BrightSpec, Inc.

BrightSpec delivers solutions for volatile organic compound mixture analysis for applications in R&D, pharmaceutical drug development and process control, fine chemicals, food, and advanced manufacturing sectors.  BrightSpec received research funding from the US ARMY and the National Science Foundation, and the Virginia BioHealth Research Corporation. For more information, please contact Justin Neill (CTO) or Bob Lloyd (CEO) at 434-202-2391, or visit