BrightSpec FT-MRR Broadband Spectrometer Ships to Europe

December 14, 2015 – Charlottesville, VA

 Max Planck Institute acquires BrightSpec Discovery series for interstellar chemistry research.

BrightSpec, Inc. announced the delivery and installation of its Discovery class millimeter wave spectrometer to the Max Planck Society in Germany.  The BrightSpec Fourier Transform-Molecular Rotational Resonance (FT-MRR) Broadband Discovery spectrometer enables researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter in Hamburg to combine broadband millimeter wave spectroscopy and observational data from other instruments to evaluate new types of chemical processes.

The BrightSpec Discovery spectrometer is designed to enable fundamental and applied research groups in academic and federal research facilities to quickly generate insights on complex processes within chemical mixtures.  The Discovery system is designed as a standalone instrument that can also be combined and networked with other analytical systems.  In particular, it can be reconfigured to incorporate different gas phase sample chamber designs and molecular excitation sources, and provides direct signal access for broadband monitoring and digitization capabilities.

The delivery represents the first BrightSpec instrument sale in Germany.  BrightSpec cleared all appropriate regulatory and compliance requirements for commercial sale in Europe.  The research path at the Max Planck lab in Hamburg reflects the astrochemistry roots of BrightSpec millimeter and microwave spectrometers.  New complex mixture analysis applications include pharmaceutical drug discovery and process R&D, advanced manufacturing, combustion research, and national security.

BrightSpec was founded after researchers in the Pate Group at the University of Virginia developed and reduced to practice the Chirped Pulse-Fourier Transform (CPFT) technique that is at the core of the BrightSpec MRR technique. CPFT greatly advanced molecular rotational spectroscopy techniques that have been used in academic and government research around the world for more than 40 years.

About BrightSpec, Inc.

BrightSpec delivers solutions for direct, quantitative mixture analysis for applications in R&D, small molecule drug development, fine chemicals, food, and advanced manufacturing sectors.  BrightSpec received research funding from the US Army, the National Science Foundation, and the Virginia BioHealth Research Corp. For more information, please contact Justin Neill (CTO) or Bob Lloyd (CEO) at 434-202-2391, or visit