BrightSpec Awarded $1mm in Follow-on Funding from US Army

May 23, 2016 – CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – BrightSpec, Inc. announced today the award of a $1mm Phase IIb SBIR contract with the US Army for development of new scientific instruments for chemical analysis.  The award follows earlier Phase I and Phase II contracts with the Army.  BrightSpec FT-MRR spectrometers are used in wide range of identification, quantification and chemical dynamics analyses by researchers around the world, including those at the US Army and the Department of Defense, as well as commercial sectors like pharmaceutical drug discovery and process R&D.

The addition funding includes delivery of BrightSpec Discovery series instruments operating in the 550Ghz and 40Ghz regions.  These instruments center on trace analysis of small, gas phase chemical components, particularly for water, ammonia and formaldehyde.

BrightSpec spectrometers deliver direct, quantitative mixture analysis for process R&D laboratories in the chemical manufacturing industry. For more information, please contact Brent Harris, Director of Applications Development or Linda Kidder, Director of Marketing at 434-202-2391, or visit