BrightSpec and Cornes Technologies Announce Distribution Agreement

Charlottesville, VA and Tokyo, Japan, August 18, 2017 –BrightSpec, the MRR spectroscopy company, announced the appointment of Cornes Technologies of Japan as exclusive distributor for Japan.

BrightSpec is the first company to bring to market a line of spectrometers for trace level chemical analysis using Fourier transform molecular rotational resonance (FT-MRR) spectroscopy. The result is fast, direct quantitation of components in chemical mixtures, without the need for chromatography or difficult chemometrics. FT-MRR enables continuous monitoring of chemical processes, including  chiral and structural analyses, as well as small volatile compounds that can be difficult to measure in a mixture.

The appointment of Cornes as exclusive distributor follows the training of Cornes personnel in the setup and installation of BrightSpec instruments.  The relationship builds on the very strong community of microwave and millimeter wave rotational spectroscopy researchers in Japan.

About BrightSpec

BrightSpec delivers stand-alone products for mixture analysis in R&D, pharmaceutical drug development and process control, fine chemicals, food, and advanced manufacturing sectors.  BrightSpec received research funding from the US ARMY and the National Science Foundation, and the Virginia BioHealth Research Corporation. For more information, please contact Justin Neill (CTO) or Bob Lloyd (CEO) at 434-202-2391, or visit

About Cornes Technologies

Cornes Technologies is a leading specialist importer and distributor of electronic devices, systems and equipment, scientific equipment, and industrial machinery, with unrivalled experience in the promotion, marketing and selling of new products and technology sourced from overseas to a broad range of customers in Japan.