Breakthrough publication in Journal of American Chemical Society (JACS)

May 20, 2021. BrightSpec is pleased to announce the breakthrough article on site-specific, high-purity deuteration enabled by MRR was just published in JACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society).  MRR’s ability to measure isotopes at specific sites in a rapid, straightforward, and definitive manner is unmatched in analytical chemistry. 

Joseph Clark has published the first major work of his method in JACS.  A site-specific deuterated formulation of a drug could bring many benefits and potentially revolutionize this area of small molecule drug development.  BrightSpec’s instrument is the most practical way to measure site specific deuteration.

The paper describes a technique for selectively deuterating a molecule with high purity rates.  The technique is commercially viable.  A good portion of the paper discusses how the samples are measured, using MRR, and showcases BrightSpec IsoMRR as a workhorse instrument while pointing out the limitations of alternate methods, namely NMR.

Whether it be to enhance a drug using targeted deuteration, label and measure compounds for study more precisely, more precisely understand origin of natural products, or study carbon capture, site-specific isotopic analysis by MRR brings value by unlocking a more precise and rapid method for these measurements.