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BrightSpec Announces $18.4 Million Financing Round Led by Genoa Ventures and Arboretum Ventures

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BrightSpec, Inc., a life science tools company commercializing Molecular Rotational Resonance (MRR) spectroscopy, announced today the closing of an $18.4 million Series C financing round, led by Genoa Ventures and Arboretum Ventures. The round includes participation from existing investors including Medvest Capital, Felton Group LLC, and the UVA Seed Fund.  Jenny Rooke, Ph.D.,… | Read article >>

BrightSpec to attend 3 conferences in June

With the return of in-person events on the rise, BrightSpec is pleased to be attending 3 conferences next month. IFPAC, for advanced manufacturing science, will be held in Bethesda from June 12-15. The International Isotope Society will be hosting the 14th International Symposium on the Synthesis and Applications of Isotopically Labelled Compounds June 12-14 in… | Read article >>

BrightSpec hosts Webinar “Unveiling Sesquiterpenes: Characterizing Isomers with MRR”

May 18, 2022 Today BrightSpec’s Reilly Sonstrom, Ph.D presented the webinar “Unveiling Sesquiterpenes: Characterizing Isomers with MRR.” The replay is available by clicking the link. Sesquiterpenes have a vast array of real-world applications that include pharmaceuticals, essential oils, flavors & fragrances, and crop protection. The beneficial characteristics of sesquiterpenes arise from the unique 3-dimensional structure… | Read article >>

New Paper on Chiral Analysis of Linalool

April 30, 2022 BrightSpec is pleased to announce its latest article, “Chiral Analysis of Linalool, an Important Natural Fragrance and Flavor Compound, by Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy” has been published in Symmetry. BrightSpec’s authors point out that terpenes are important for authentication. Linalool is a particularly important and useful compound to understand authenticity as well… | Read article >>

BrightSpec Hosts Residual Solvents Webinar

April 6, 2022 BrightSpec hosted a webinar on Residuals Analysis. A replay is available free of charge. “Residuals Analysis: Bridging the industrial gaps with headspace-MRR for quantitation and ID” introduces MRR for rapid development of residual solvents methods and detection. MRR can be particularly useful in development settings, where getting answers quickly, without extensive method… | Read article >>

New Paper on Chiral Analysis of Pantolactone

October 30, 2021. A new paper on the chiral analysis of Pantolactone, “Chiral Analysis of Pantolactone with Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy” just published in Chirality provides a detailed explanation of chiral analysis from method development, to AC/EE determination, and the creation of a routine targeted method. Since only the (R) stereoisomer of pantothenic acid has desirable… | Read article >>

BASF Adopts BrightSpec’s Broadband MRR Technology for Structural Elucidation

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BrightSpec announced today the start of operation of a broadband Molecular Rotational Resonance spectrometer at BASF’s research center in Ludwigshafen, Germany.BASF will utilize MRR spectroscopy for the concise structure elucidation of organic compounds where isomerism is an underlying question. Major applications comprise stereochemical analysis, including chirality, defining the… | Read article >>

Breakthrough publication in Journal of American Chemical Society (JACS)

May 20, 2021. BrightSpec is pleased to announce the breakthrough article on site-specific, high-purity deuteration enabled by MRR was just published in JACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society).  MRR’s ability to measure isotopes at specific sites in a rapid, straightforward, and definitive manner is unmatched in analytical chemistry.  Joseph Clark has published the first major work… | Read article >>

BrightSpec hosts MRR Symposium

BrightSpec hosted a MRR Symposium on March 30-31, 2021. This two-day event included presentations by a number of thought leaders from industry and academia as well as live demos and introductory courses. Replays of the Symposium are available on the BrightSpec web site free of charge. Click here to view full agenda and access the… | Read article >>

BrightSpec Published Article in Nature

May 20, 2020 BrightSpec congratulates Dean Harman and BrightSpec founder Brooks Pate along with  Jacob A. Smith, Katy B. Wilson, Reilly E. Sonstrom, Patrick J. Kelleher, Kevin D. Welch, Emmit K. Pert, Karl S. Westendorff, Diane A. Dickie, Xiaoping Wang for their publication in Nature.   A summary of the work and BrightSpec MRR’s role can… | Read article >>