Apps — Environmental

Environmental Research and Testing

MRR enables better measurement and new capabilities:

  • Isotope-specific biodegradation monitoring
  • Air and water quality, VOCs
  • Unambiguous ID of all detectable species
  • Reliable quantitation in complex matrices
  • Real-time emission monitoring
  • Screening for unexpected contaminants
  • Discover biodegradation fate

Key features:

  • One instrument
  • “Out of the box” ready
  • Multianalyte – by its nature
  • Extensive spectral library
  • Low operating costs
  • Sample in, answer out


Unleash extraordinary selectivity of MRR to solve previously unsolvable problems


Reduce environmental monitoring cost per analyte with one multi-analyte instrument

As Always,

  • No separation
  • No reference sample
  • No chemometrics
  • No matrix interference